Another new supporter!!!

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Jonny Bonkers
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Another new supporter!!!

Post by Jonny Bonkers »

Congrats to Lee (Fosco) & Julie on the birth of their boy Eli.
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Post by Milo »

Excellent news!

Well done Lee......and Julie of course!

By my calculations he must have been celebrating our win over Caerphilly?!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the Ebbw familly Eli
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Post by Fosco »

Thanks guys!
Judging by his hairy back and 8 lb 2 ounce frame he's definitely a front rower!

I'm not sure if it was the win over Caerphilly we were celebrating: she never lets me near her after rugby. There must have been a good episode of Grey's Anatomy on or something.
Never mind mun - we're playing downhill second half!
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Post by RS »

Congratulations to you both.
It's not too late to buy a season ticket for him for this year, mind!
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Post by toshgirl »

congratulations to you both, hope to see pics of baby soon :lol:. Hope Julie is ok give her my love, Tisha x
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