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Forum Changes

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At last the Forum is back on line. A number of changes had to be made behind the scenes to enable the forum to be functioning again after the problems encountered by the hosting company a few weeks back.
In order to make the changes necessary and to limit the degree of user unfriendliness that could have resulted in some of the measures proposed I have withdrawn all direct links to the board as it was being targetted by "robots" harvesting e-mail addresses etc. and this overloaded the hosting company's servers. It's an increasing problem with the internet and the damned spam mail that we are all subject to. Please bookmark the link in your "favourites" for frequent visits.
I have checked the various buttons etc. and all the details should be the same as previous but if you encounter any difficulty please let me know.
Finally, a very, very, big thank you to Graham for providing an alternative board in the meantime.

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