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V New***t

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Well that was a much better performance, probably best this season, we grew in confidence as the game progressed, still need to work on our set pieces. We were over the line in the last minute but deemed not to have grounded and had we......we would have drawn, still, its early days and Jason, Geraint et al are having a positive impact.
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Re: V New***t

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First half i thought was grim. Lineout in particular seemed to have gone backwards.

We did make some really good line breaks but then squandered them more often than not with a "kick first" policy.

At about 45 mins it was looking like a repeat of the away game but then we clicked.
From that point onwards we sorted a lot of the issues out and really really pushed all the way. Unlucky not to draw in the end (im not sure just how many penalties you can give away and not earn a yellow too!).

So finished on a positive and in my view a slightly undeserved defeat instead of a draw after a start that could easily have made the whole team fold completely.
Mentally we do seem to have some toughness now. Set piece though as you said needs work, more so the lineout.
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