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Phillip Grey
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Post by Phillip Grey »

Don’t know what to say, we were woeful.

Couple of good performances and then we get stuffed at home by a team that hadn’t won a game before today.

Very disappointed, even left before the whistle to beat the rush.

Coaches have a hell of a job ahead of them to keep us in the premiership.

Cardiff away twice up next, pains me to say but we’re not strong enough to compete with them but praying I’m proved wrong.

Sorry for the negative post, but it’s really hurting seeing a performance like that and championship teams would have also stuffed us today.
One Smart Fellow, He Felt Smart
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Re: Llanelli

Post by jadegoodiesfridge »

You just knew it as going to be one of those days when we conceded a try from our kick off after 20 SECONDS !!! What followed was the most miserable 80 minutes of rugby I think I've ever seen at EXP.We were dead in the water( quite literally) after 15 minutes,to the bottom team in the league.After seeing us kick away possession to a team with a gale force wind behind their back was suicidal,but amazingly we kept the score down to just 12-3 at half-time. I felt a little upbeat prior to the second half kick off Knowing we'd have the wind behind us,but sods law had other ideas.The wind miraculously died down to no more than a mild breeze.But score we did.At 12-10 with 5 minutes of the second half gone ,things looked good.Then we stopped tackling.Two minutes later,a prop burst through our defence without a hand laid on him,and a scoring pass to Dane Blacker made it 19-10.The next 30 minutes was awful.Llanelli had us in their firm grip and wouldn't let go,aided it has to be said ,by some bizarre refereeing decisions.Our two yellow cards came from penalties,awarded to US !!!???work that one out ! Their fourth try came off the most forward of forward passes I have ever seen.I had no gripe with many decisions which went against us because we were that sloppy.But many,many Llanelli infringements went unnoticed by the officials resulting in an exodus on the bank.It was sad to see even the hardiest of Ebbw supporters throwing in the towel and heading home way before the final whistle.When it went,there were barely ten supporters left on the bank.So sad.Injuries are mounting,Dan Haymond looked in pain when he went off,Dan Hill had a bang on the head.Hopefully he was taken off as a precaution.Eaves dropped on a conversation with Craig Duncan who was on the bank walking his dogs,and he said he was injured also.Which leaves us threadbare at 15.And God ! did we miss Dom and his big tackles.Any news on him ? Two games away at Cardiff next.Doesn't bode well.
Eye Jay
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Re: Llanelli

Post by Eye Jay »

I can only agree with the two posts above.

Before yesterday, I thought we needed to win 3 out of 4 home games before Christmas, but I was counting on yesterday being one of them.

Two weeks ago versus Llandovery, any one of the players could have been man of the match. Yesterday, I felt sorry for the person who had to choose it.

Between the weather, the crowd (or lack of it) and the performance, a thoroughly dispiriting afternoon. I'm not looking forward to us being on TV Friday.
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Re: Llanelli

Post by Malpas69 »

What can you say that has not already been said. That was the most abject performance from an Ebbw Vale team since the season that we got relegated. Given the previous few matches, it was vitally important that we got off to a good/solid start and what happened... we concede a try within the first minute!

I think that we have fielded a different back line in every game so far and I think that we are still searching for our best combination. (The same can be said for the back row). I am sorry (and I really hate to criticise players - it is definitely not my style), but I thought that Dai's tactical kicking on Saturday was pretty awful. And, what has happened to our defence? Last year (and previous seasons), we prided ourselves on our defence - it would appear now that tackling is very much optional. We made what was a very ordinary Llanelli team look like world beaters. This same Llanelli team that before Saturday were yet to win a game! Were we too complacent or were there other underlying issues as to such a dire performance?

We only have 11 home games this season and we have already lost two games at home and one of those to the bottom team. Greg was absolutely right what he said in the paper that we will probably be hovering around the same league position as Llanelli come the end of the season and that will certainly not be around the top half of the table!

We have to do something whilst we are still able and before we become cut adrift at the bottom of the league. We are somewhat fortunate that there are a number of teams (like us) who have only managed to win one game so far. Realistically, I am not expecting to get anything out of the Cardiff game on Friday (and I am not really bothered about the Cup the week after), but the home game against Carmarthen Quins the week after, is already becoming a 'must win' game, even this early in the season.

It was mentioned a few weeks ago, that we would receive a certain amount of support from the Dragons and from what I am seeing so far this season, that help/support is going to become more and more important as we do not (currently) have the depth of squad to compete at this level. Having access to Chris Coleman is a huge help, but can someone please tell me why Max Ayling (who was assigned to us at the start of the season) was due to play for Cross Keys on Saturday as opposed to playing for us? Once again, we had no second row cover on the bench. He looks a big lad and I am sure that he could 'do a job' for us if given a chance.

Another question (it did not affect the outcome of the game as sadly the result was already beyond doubt), but when Dan Hill went off with (what looked like concussion) for an HIA, why did we not bring Lance Randell back on? I thought that as long as a player has been substituted based on a tactical decsion (as opposed to being injured), then he could come back onto the field to replace a player who is off the field undergoing an HIA? I might be wrong, but that is certainly my understanding. We actually ended the game with only 13 players and I (for one) could not wait for the referee to blow his whistle.

I am actually dreading Friday evening. Hopefully Saturday's result will come as a bit of a 'wake-up' call, as if we are not fully 'switched on' at Cardiff, then it could be painful viewing, both in the ground and more worryingly for those people watching the match in the comfort of their own home. We worked really hard to secure a losing bonus point against Pontypridd and realistically, I think that if we manage to get anything out of the game on Friday, then we will be doing well. I sincerely hope that I am proved wrong, but if we tackle anything like we did on Saturday, then it sadly, it could be a repeat of the end of season game last year.
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Phillip Grey
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Re: Llanelli

Post by Phillip Grey »

Agree with all of the above, I’m dreading Friday night even though I hadn’t planned to go (a Friday night in Cardiff City Centre isn’t good for a pensioner)

I don’t think I even want to watch it, as it could be a real Halloween horror show if we don’t pull our socks up.

The worrying thing about last week too, that was probably our strongest side.
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Re: Llanelli

Post by 123 »

I fear for us this season now! If we can’t beat Llanelli with the form they are in at home then it’s going to be a long season. Also where has our crowd gone?
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Re: Llanelli

Post by chris »

Agree with all that has been said above. Our performance on Saturday was abysmal. I must admit that after the Ponty game where we showed some fighting spirit, I was looking forward to a solid home win against the bottom side... how wrong could I be!

Painful viewing at times, kicking from hand was aimless, defence was woeful, so much ball taken static, poor decision making, multiple handling errors... all topped off with a couple of injuries to key players! Not good.

The most painful thing was having seen us miraculously get back into the game after half-time, having to watch us throw it away again in the final 20-30 mins.

Have to say that I am also dreading the two Cardiff games... could be a cricket score if we play like that again!
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