Cardiff Away (League)

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Cardiff Away (League)

Post by chris »

A much better performance last night. I felt that we dominated the game in all honesty, but just weren’t clinical enough to take our chances. We could have easily scored 2-3 tries on another day.

Anyway, I went fearing the worst and was proud of our efforts. Well done to players and coaches for turning things around after last week’s disaster against Llanelli.

Onwards and upwards!
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Re: Cardiff Away (League)

Post by Phillip Grey »

Didn’t go to the game as really didn’t fancy Cardiff city centre on a Friday night.

Sounds like a much improved performance in fairness, and could have even won if it wasn’t for the red card.

We are sounding a bit like a yo-yo team at the moment for some reason, with more ups and downs than the Big Dipper in Barry Island Fun Fair.

Not really bothered by the cup game this week, and I’m sure no one needs to be reminded, but we need to pick up league points as a matter of urgency.
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