1st game

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1st game

Post by Stevey »

Well that was a great first win, away and against a powerful Merthyr side. We played better in the first half and they seemed to up the ante in the second half. Think we collectively played well with one or two standing out just a bit more.
Well done Ebbw, every game is going to be tough but we are tough enough to deal with it.
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Re: 1st game

Post by marshomano »

That'll do ebb.

That'll do
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Re: 1st game

Post by tinker »

Fantastic away win and well deserved. Great effort by all. I'm happy as Larry (whoever he is).
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Re: 1st game

Post by jadegoodiesfridge »

Bit worried prior to kick off ,having seen Merthyrs team in the programme ( strong and powerful right across the board ).But we rattled them ,totally rattled them.I felt at half time ,at 16-3 up,the scoreline flattered Merthyr( the old saying ,lucky to get nil,sprang to mind ).Their line out was laughable,their back play ,predictable,and had Ebbw been a bit more clinical,we would have been out of sight at half time.
Chief's a canny old bugger though, and changing hooker seemed to do the trick.Merthyr looked dangerous,quicker at the breakdown and we were forced into mistakes.One interception,and an unfortunate ricochet off Dan Haymond's boot into touch gifted them 14 points,and the lead.But Greg is a canny old bugger too.A few changes and Merthyr's twenty minute purple patch came to an end.I felt Merthyr were clinging on desperately the last quarter,as you saw their old stagers ( Phil Rees,Craig Locke et al )struggling to keep up with Ebbw's pace.A few silly penalties kept us at bay.But you just felt a penalty,or drop goal was inevitable.And sure enough 82 minutes in,Lewis K ( what a game he had !!!!!) Struck it sweetly over.A deserved win in my book.With heroes all over the park.Big Dave Whiting was awesome,Dom had a stormer,and Alex Grey.......phenomenal !! Merthyr players had a pop at him,but this guy is just too streetwise for that sort of nonsense.Glad he's on our side. Just to add,Craig Evans was superb also.explains the new rules to great effect .Well done Ebbw......Ponty next up........No sweat. !!!
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