Cameron Regan

You'll never guess what I heard in the pub/club/Tesco's last night.......

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Phillip Grey
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Re: Cameron Regan

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Goodness me, Jarvis wouldn’t have come cheap nor would have Powell last year. They are buying their way to success aren’t they.

The money they must have spent on players in the past few years must be unbelievable!

It does make me chuckle, that they brag on about un beatable for this that and the other when they’ve essentially bought that by recruiting a team of premiership players to compete in a lower league.

Hey ho, Money talks
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Re: Cameron Regan

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One Name To Put Out There Is Scott Parsons, Who I Believe Is The Number 6 From Old Reds..

Seen Him Play a Couple of Times In National 2 looked a Great Player, I've been Told He's signed/ or is waiting for confirmation That it's Gone through.
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